Insight on Estate Planning – August/September 2013

Is your estate plan bulletproof?  Techniques for avoiding litigation over your estate

A good reason to revisit your estate plan:  Accounting for digital assets

Making gifts still matters, even after ATRA

Estate Planning Pitfall: You haven’t reviewed your trusts this year

Insight on Estate Planning – June/July 2013

New 3.8% Medicare contribution tax:  Do you know how to reduce or eliminate your liability?

Estate planning for adopted children and stepchildren

Shipping your trust over the state line to realize tax savings

Estate Planning Pitfall: You’re using a prepaid funeral plan

Insight on Estate Planning – April/May 2013

How to fund long-term care insurance with a tax-free exchange

Should a CRT be part of your estate plan?

The key to an effective trust is education

Estate Planning Pitfall: You’ve named a minor as beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan

Insight on Estate Planning – Febraury/March 2013

Fiscal cliff deal brings some certainty to estate planning

Strong governance enhances a family business’s value

Should you donate life insurance to charity?

Estate Planning Pitfall:  Transferring home ownership to your children

Insight on Estate Planning – End of Year 2012

The spousal lifetime access trust: A safety net in uncertain times

Be prepared for a triggering event: If you own interests in a closely held business, consider a buy-sell agreement

Is your IRA safe from creditors?

Estate Planning Pitfall: You’re unsure whether you need to file a 2012 gift tax return

Insight on Estate Planning – October/November 2012

Considering an ILIT? Now’s the time

Intellectual property requires careful estate planning

Defined-value gifts: Give now, value later

Estate Planning Pitfall:  Your family doesn’t know where to find your records

Insight on Estate Planning – August/September 2012

Decanting breathes new life into an old trust

Estate Planning 101:  Choosing a trustee for your living trust

Is your estate liquid enough to cover estate taxes?

Estate Planning Pitfall
You haven’t covered all your basis since your divorce


Insight on Estate Planning – June/July 2012

Conditions favorable for gifts
High exemption amount and low tax rate make 2012 the year to transfer significant wealth

Keep family harmony when transferring a vacation home

Transfer business ownership or remain boss?
Nonvoting stock lets you share the wealth without losing control

Estate Planning Pitfall
You’re donating real estate to charity

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