Insight on Estate Planning – April/May 2012

Make health care decisions while you’re healthy

Which planning strategies should unmarried couples implement?

Due diligence required when taking charitable deductions

Estate Planning Pitfall
A trust is the beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan

Insight on Estate Planning – February/March 2012

Does your trust need a protector?

Privacy, please!
Keep family matters out of the public eye by avoiding probate

Consider a “stretch” to maximize and preserve IRA benefits

Estate Planning Pitfall
You own a high-cash-value
insurance policy on your own life

Insight on Estate Planning – Year End 2011

Home economics: A QPRT can help you save taxes

Semantics matter
When using ascertainable standards, precise language is a must

Leveraging the $5 million exemption
An installment sale to a defective trust is a powerful strategy

Estate Planning Pitfall
You own assets jointly with others

Insight on Estate Planning – October/November 2011

Keep future options open with powers of appointment

A trust that keeps on giving

Create a dynasty to make
the most of today’s exemptions

Charitable IRA rollover: A limited time offer

Estate Planning Pitfall

You have a living trust but no will

Insight on Estate Planning – August/September 2011

FLPs and FLLCs:

To save taxes, you need a nontax purpose

Don’t overlook the GST tax

Who covers the estate tax bill?

Spell it out in an apportionment clause

Estate Planning Pitfall

You’re cashing in a life insurance policy

Insight on Estate Planning – June/July 2011

To give or not to give in 2011 and 2012 …

. . . that is the estate planning question

Charitable giving vehicles

CRTs and CLTs offer dual beneficial interests

Putting the “state” in your estate plan

Estate Planning Pitfall

You made large taxable gifts in 2010

Insight on Estate Planning – April/May 2011

Digital Assets
Does your estate plan account for today’s technology?

TICs offer simple alternative to FLP, FLLC

Before walking down the aisle …

… Consider the benefits of a prenup

Estate Planning Pitfall

You haven’t properly funded your living trust

Insight on Estate Planning – Year End 2010

Social Security: When’s the right time to start?

The next steps …

Putting to rest your deceased loved one’s affairs

How much is your life worth?

Conduct a “valuation” before buying life insurance

Estate Planning Pitfall

You haven’t considered IRS rules when making a family loan

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