Insight on Estate Planning – October/November 2010

Giving: A timeless estate planning strategy

Life’s changes beget plan revisions

Disinheriting a child is a difficult, but sometimes necessary, decision

Will health care reform breathe new life into HSAs?

Estate Planning Pitfall

You’re planning to name a family member as executor of your estate

Insight on Estate Planning – August/September 2010

Fraudulent transfer laws

Don’t let creditors undo your estate plan

2 rules make planning complicated if you already own life insurance

Finding your comfort zone

Manage risk to preserve and grow wealth for future generations

Estate Planning Pitfall

You don’t have a succession plan for your business

Insight on Estate Planning – June/July 2010

Finding stability amid uncertain estate tax law

Defined-value gifts can limit tax exposure

Should you move your trust?

Family matters

Dealing with incapacity guardianship/conservatorship issues and your elderly parents

Estate Planning Pitfall

You haven’t recently reviewed your retirement plan beneficiary designations

Insight on Estate Planning – April/May 2010

Do you know the impact of the 2010 estate tax repeal on your estate plan?

Teach your children well
Education is the key to an estate plan that leaves your desired legacy

The installment sale: A viable option for transferring appreciating assets

Estate Planning Pitfall
You haven’t provided for the removal of a trustee

Insight on Estate Planning – February/March 2010

Insight on Estate Planning – Year End 2009

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